FragmentLab offers functionality to investigate peptide fragmentation spectra in detail and convert RAW files to MGF. Installer is available for download below:

FragmentLab beta v2.0.0.0

Initial release of the software

FragmentLab beta v2.0.0.1

Minor fixes

  1. Fixed import of PD results using Sequest HT as the search engine
  2. Speed improvement during table import
  3. Fixed a rare crashing bug when drawing the noise band of the spectrum

FragmentLab beta v2.0.0.2

Minor fixes

  1. Import of MGF files generated by Proteowizard
  2. Tracking position of the mouse in the fragmentation spectrum (displayed bottom-left)
  3. Fixed issue with PD search results import containing quotes around the modifications
  4. Better error reporting for text import of search results

FragmentLab beta v2.1.0.0

Added functionality

  1. Possibility of adding mass instead of pre-defined modifications in the peptide editor