XMAS/ChimeraX allows for easily working with crosslinking mass spectrometry data in a structural context.

On this page you will find tutorials on how to work with XMAS. All required data can be downloaded from our BioRxiv submission (supplementary material).

Installing XMAS

XMAS can easily be installed in ChimeraX through the wonderful toolshed. This can be accessed after starting ChimeraX from the Tools menu -> More tools.

This pops up a browser where you can either directly access XMAS from the main page or look for it through the search option.

After opening the page, you will find lots of info about the plugin as well as an Install button. After clicking this button the install procedure is started.

Instruction videos

Instructions by the inimitable Pascal Albanese on how to use XMAS.

Taking your baby steps with installing and mapping your first crosslinks to the initial analysis steps.

Learn how to use XMAS to plug structures and crosslinks into the protein-protein docking platform HADDOCK. XMAS assists by allowing you to extract the best possible set of crosslinks through DisVis prior to initiating the docking step.

This video demonstrates loading massive datasets into ChimeraX with the help of XMAS.